LPG Water Pumps

Greengear Water Pumps are available in four different sizes with applications including water to sewage. Pump bodies are ultra-resistant aluminum and are able to move large amounts of water with capacities from 25m3/h to 70m3/h. Ideal for a wide range of scenarios including that in agricultural rolex replica, domestic, and industrial – including the construction sites. Absolutely indispensable equipment for sites with limited, erratic, or no electricity.

Eco-Friendly WP-3 LPG 3″ Water Pumps.

Includes – Hose and regulator, Multi-tool kit & inlet filter

The Greengear LPG 3″ Water Pump has a 25m lift and 42mᶟ flow. They are ideal for both domestic and commercial users, including farming and construction sites. They are light to carry and mobile.

  • Aluminum Body – Sturdy aluminum body of the Water pump allows for long-term performance and durability.
  • Lever for Engine Control – A lever on the pump allows for easy control of the pumping power depending on your needs.
  • Robust Frame -The steel frame provides durability while still allowing for easy mobility.
  • Dedicated Steel Fittings – Steel fittings for a perfect seal even under the most difficult conditions.
  • Enerkit – Each Water Pump is equipped with a unique LPG dedicated ENERKIT carburetor, allowing optimum performance. ENERKIT has an automatic safety shut-off valve, stopping the fuel supply when the engine is off.
  • Recoil Start– Easy recoil starter mode equipped on every Water Pump.
  • Suction – 7 m / 22 ft.
  • Lift – 25 m / 82.2 ft.
  • Flow – 42 m3 / h – 185 gal/m

Key Water Pump Usage Areas::

  • Agri/farm applications to include irrigation, field filling etc
  • Small & big building & construction sites.
  • Industries to include pharma, sugar industries and almost all other sectors.
  • Others including railways, road construction, etc.
  • Flood control application for government and local bodies.
  • Domestic for high rise and other residential complexes.
  • Particularly in off-grid areas with limited, erratic, or no power supply.

Advantages of LPG Powered Water Pumps:

  • Environment Friendly
  • Portable with LPG easily available in the market from thousands of LPG Distributors across the country.
  • Much lower running costs than liquid fuels.
  • No dependence on Electric Supply. LPG is portable, cost effective and always available.

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