LPG Water Pumps

Greengear Water Pumps are available in four different sizes with applications including water to sewage. Pump bodies are ultra-resistant aluminum and are able to move large amounts of water with capacities from 25m3/h to 70m3/h. Ideal for a wide range of scenarios including that in agricultural, domestic, and industrial – including the construction sites. Absolutely indispensable equipment for sites with limited, erratic, or no electricity.

LPG Pressure Washers

Greengear's PW-2000 LPG Pressure Washer is durable, easy to use, and built to last. Get cleaning power, reliability, and above all ease of use in an affordable and compact power washer. The PW-200 is simple to use and ideal for both domestic and commercial environments. Compact and lightweight, its design allows for ease of use and mobility. Equipped with a foldable handlebar permits storage in small spaces as well.

LPG Gensets

Greengear LPG Gensets are a perfect fit for both, commercial and domestic environments. All generators are equipped with a 4-stroke engine, electric start, battery, and a multifunctional display screen. Greengear LPG Gensets use alternators fitted with an Automatic Voltage Regulation stabilizer and feature a circuit breaker in case maximum power is exceeded. With savings of more than 50% over Petrol Gensets, a must-have equipment.

Propel LPG Marine Outboards

Propel Marine brings you the world's first and the only LPG Outboard with models ranging from 2.5 HP to 25 HP. Field trials in India have shown savings ranging from 50% to 70% over Petrol Outboard Engines. Propel LPG Marine Outboards are powered by Four Stroke LPG Engines, which are more efficient and environmentally friendly.
Running these equipment on LPG is not just environment friendly, but also significantly more cost-effective! With prices of liquid fuels hovering around Rs 100 per liter consistently, LPG is almost 60% lower than Petrol and even cheaper than Diesel in running costs…