LPG Gensets

LPG / Propane Power Generator GE-7000

Greengear LPG Gensets are a perfect fit for both, commercial and domestic environments. All generators are equipped with a 4-stroke engine, electric start, battery, and a multifunctional display screen. Greengear LPG Gensets use alternators fitted with an Automatic Voltage Regulation stabilizer and feature a circuit breaker in case maximum power is exceeded. With savings of more than 50% over Petrol Gensets replica watches, it is a must-have equipment.

Other items included are never-flat tires, high-leverage handles and tool kit. Use it for emergencies, job sites and off the grid locations where you need electricity.

Electric Start: Generators are equipped with an electric key start ignition, eliminating the difficulty of manual ignitions.

Circuit Breaker: Thanks to the circuit breaker switch, that when activated –protects the generator against power overloads.

Battery: The installed onboard battery provides rapid electric ignition and can be easily recharged by connecting it to the appropriate poles on the Generator.

Wheels: In models, 5kW and above, the wheel kit comes as standard. The ‘Never flat’ tires eliminate the problems of deflation and facilitate the position of the generators. The Wheel and Handle kit also allows for easy transportation and maneuverability.

Handles: In models 5kW and above, handle kit comes as standard. Thanks to the simple interlocking system, allowing it to be folded away when not necessary. The Wheel and Handle kit also allows for easy transportation and maneuverability.

Frame: Equipped with a steel frame which ensures long life and durability even in the harshest operating conditions.

Perfect for all types of events where food is served and a clean source of power is required. Ideal for emission-sensitive sites. LPG/propane is non-toxic to ground, water and soil, meaning no contamination. Event organisers, landlords and local authorities are requiring more and more that traders use a clean source of power and LPG generators fit the requirements.

Perfect for Home Use – Occasional User

Need a generator for home use that is safe and clean. With an LPG Generator, there is now no need to store highly flammable and expensive petrol or diesel or risk spills, leaks or stains from fuel spillage.

Most non-LPG generators require constant refilling, which can result in numerous trips to the petrol station. The generator is also heavier since you are also combining the load of the generator and fuel. Storage of fuel is messy and smelly and is not the best choice for home use. The LPG range allows you to transport a generator into a normal family car without the risk of petrol/diesel leaks or spills.

It’s really easy to get started with an LPG generator and is simply a matter of connecting a hose to a gas bottle and turning it on – and away you go. LPG gas is readily available, can be stored safely for long periods and will last considerably longer while offering the user a whopping 40% savings compared to petrol. This means overtime savings in fuel costs alone will pay for your LPG Generator. Choose a competitively priced Generator today

Commercial Use. Increase Savings with Reduced Maintenance Costs.

If you need a powerful, reliable LPG generator. It’s good to take note that LPG-fueled engines retain their performance fully and require less maintenance than traditional petrol engines. This means less cleaning and upkeep leading to reduced wear and tear ending in fewer service costs. Reduced cost in service and repairs compared to petrol generators. Fewer exhaust emissions than petrol including CO2, NOx and SOx. 

Built For Constant Use | 24/7 Reliability

Greengear generators are made to withstand the constant running of everyday life. They are manufactured to run continuously for as long as needed 24/7.
Servicing can be done by the customer or they can use one of our 70+ registered service centres throughout the UK. Service intervals can be found in the operating and maintenance manual supplied with the unit.

Specially Equipped – Not An addon.

The Greengear range also comes equipped with a unique LPG dedicated ENERKIT carburettor, allowing optimum performance. ENERKIT has an automatic safety shut off valve, stopping the fuel supply when the engine is off for optimum safety. The Enerkit (carburettor) has a 3-year warranty. The Greengear range has been specifically produced (not a conversion kit) which means less strain on the engine, which creates the best conditions to prevent excessive wear and mechanical problems.

As a commercial user, the generator will experience the full and optimal performance which over time will require much less maintenance. Dedicated LPG generators let you work longer while reducing costs, saving you money and reducing cost all round. A typical 19kg lpg cylinder can provide up to 21 hours of usage depending on the engine size and usage.

LPG Generator for RV or Caravan User.

The LPG Greengear generator range is an ideal companion for many caravan owners. It offers a truly clean power source at an affordable price range which makes it an attractive choice for the avid outdoor explorer.

You can also feel good doing your bit in reducing the carbon footprint as you tour the country. Unlike petrol-fueled internal combustion engines, LPG engines use a clean-burning fuel that reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Environmentally friendly, nature-friendly and eco-friendly. LPG fuel also reduces engine noise, which means less stress for the users and neighbours which is always important. Choose a competitively priced LPG Generator today

Pre-delivery Inspection – For Extra Peace of Mind.

The good folks at Greengear make sure each generator undergoes the following checks before dispatch. All engines go through a pre-delivery inspection before despatch, meaning it’s tried and tested. Fresh oil is in the engine but will have to be changed per the service schedule featured in the manual. 10/40 engine oil is recommended for all Greengear engines. WD40 penetrating fluid is sprayed onto all engines before dispatch. It also comes with Hose and regulators including a toolkit and funnel are also supplied together with sockets to fit the generator electric point.

Extra Info

  • Net Weight 89 kg
  • Electric start
  • Fold-down handles and run-flat tyres
  • Comes with hose, regulator & Multi-tool kit
  • Save up to 49% on fuel efficiency vs. petrol*
  • Portable, integrated wheels and handles
  • Dimensions: 70 cm x 53 cm x 50 cm / 27.5” x 20.8” x 19.6”
EngineGG6GN – 4 stroke
LPG / Propane TechnologyEnerkit Basic
Start ModeElectric Start
Rated Voltage230 V
Rated Frequency50 Hz
Rated Output7.0 kW
Max Output7.5 kW
Phase Rated AC VoltageSingle Phase
Dimensions70 cm x 53 cm x 50 cm / 27.5” x 20.8” x 19.6”
Net Weight89 kg / 196 lbs

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